erotica part two extreme sexting  

Icould 62M
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1/21/2021 4:13 pm
erotica part two extreme sexting

The texts continued as the Girls got a bit drunker and some of the guys figured out the game and began playing along. There where photos of hands up skirts and more nipple slip shots as well. Poor Tom sitting at home by himself had given up and now just laid back stroking lazily as the photos rolled in. He made the odd comment to Kristen and Lily as to how sex they were but mostly he encouraged Sharon to continue on. He was get off on her excitement and it wasn't like they hadn't share their bed with others from time to time. The Idea of her turning on these guys and herself had Tom hard as a rock and imagining what he would do when she arrived home.

There was one came in of a guys hand, Sharon's skirt pushed up and a finger or two under the edge of her now soaked pantie. Tom though of how this guys was probably creaming his pants as he felt her wet pussy. She was one of those lady that got pretty creamy herself when she got excited. Tom new only too well how hot it made him the sneak hand under skirt and find her already wet.

The next one was even a surprise to him, she was leaning against the wall in a toilet stall her ass stuck out her skirt up and panties gone, some guys finger in her dripping pussy. He found the whole idea incredibly exciting and quickly typed back "closeups" and sent a picture of his hard cock. The guy with her was willing to play along because a moment latter in came a text of him spreading her pussy and you could see how creamy she was. He had her lip spread ready to slide a cock in.

The next shot was just that the head of some guys cock between her pussy lips ready to take the plunge. Tom's shaking hands typed back fuck ya. the video chat request caught him off guard at first but he quickly logged in to watch some strangers cock sliding in and out of Sharon. The muffle sighs and grunts as he pounded her, her ass jiggling. Tom stroked and encouraged her to fuck that cock. Telling her he wanted to it cum deep insider. her legs trembling. He thought about the heat of her wet pussy and new this guy was not going to go long. A few more deep strokes into her hard and fast pulling her hip hard towards him he let go his load and by the looks of it sent Sharon over the edge was well. The phone zooming close as he slowly with drew his cock. The mixture of cum shinny on it.

Tom said give her the phone and the image changed. Sharon's voice quiet and a little raspy said hi handsome. He knew for sure now she had cum by the relax deepness of her voice. Tom asked do you still have your panties? She replied yes in my purse. Tom told her to put them on and come home as quick as she could. To his surprise she turned and asked the guy that just let a load go deep inside here. Would you give me ride my boyfriend wants me to come home right way? How could he say anything but yes.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

Icould 62M
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1/21/2021 4:14 pm

let me write yours.

There you go
That's all and none of it tragic.

author51 58F
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1/21/2021 11:47 pm

That is indeed a most erotic fantasy and well written..xoxo

Icould replies on 1/23/2021 10:08 am:
Thanks Joy.
It hasn't drawn a lot of interest or at least not a lot of comments.

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